What Flower Symbolizes Love and Romance?

When it comes to the feeling of love, nothing can beat the connection between flowers and being in love. Whether it is love at first sight, confessing your love, or cheering them up. Giving flowers is still one of the best romantic acts.

  • Love and Romance flowers

There are so many flowers with meaning of love and other emotions, and you can choose the one that represents your feelings to the fullest.

Love and romance flowers that will fill your heart with delight-

Flowers that signify love

There are various flowers that stand for love, and why shouldn’t it be so. Flowers have long been a part of romance in human life. From weddings to anniversaries, flowers are found everywhere. There are a bunch of flowers that signify love and number one on the list of such flowers has always been the Red rose. Every flower shop in Arcadia CA will always have roses available. Red roses symbolize passion, confidence, and of course love. You can create a big red rose bouquet or go with a dozen of them. Not to forget to add some other flowers or green leaves.

Flowers that represent love and romance

Apart from red roses you can also go with pink roses because the pink ones symbolize love as well as adoration and admiration. This makes pink roses a great pick when you are expressing your adoration towards someone. To keep it romantic and dreamlike you can add lavender roses. If you are looking for a fresh, colorful yet soothing flower arrangement. Then this would be a lovely pick, pink lavender, and white roses together with filler greens.

Flowers that mean ‘I love you

Looking for creative ways to say ‘I love you’ well it's certainly a good idea. You can go with Peonies for this mid day surprise. Get a sweet bunch of Peonies from any Florist in Temple City and you are good to go. Peonies are popular for being one of the most romantic flowers out there. These are round with two layers of petals that open up over time. You can get a peony bouquet full of different colors or the traditional shades of pink. Add some beauty to these flowers by clubbing them with flowers like orchids, snapdragons, baby breaths and solidago.

Flower that means true love

When it comes to true love, the heart knows no boundaries. You can get them flowers that are rare or exotic for your location. Like Birds of paradise, Red camellia, and Himalayan Poppy. If you cannot find these, not to worry, you can go with Red tulips or Honeysuckle from Fanny's flowers . Both these flowers symbolize true and unconditional love. Tulips are a spring flower and can be a little hard to find during the off season. Honeysuckle is easily available up till fall. For a true lover's tulip bouquet assemble a dozen red roses mixed with orange ones to create a depth. Orange Tulips symbolize appreciation and understanding.

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Being in love is special and receiving flowers is just as beautiful. Express what you feel and shower your love along with flowers for your special someone. Flowers that can brighten up eyes, fill hearts with warmth, faces with shining smiles and a fragrances that will linger around just like love.