When is the best time to send flowers?

No matter which Holiday it is, it is always special and to make it even better and full of zeal comes gifts and flowers. Flowers are a traditional way to share moments of joy with your loved ones. And when it comes to Holidays, surprising people with fresh flowers is a classic yet melts people’s hearts.

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Here are holidays on which you can send flowers across with your own Fanny's Flowers -

New Years Day

One of the most happening events of the year, New Years is all about having fun with friends, doing something adventurous, creating memories. Ending the past year with a goddess and beginning a new one with hope. Sending someone a fresh bunch of flowers on the very first day of New Years is surreal. You can go with red roses for something classy and romantic, or you can go with pink roses for something sweet yet special. There are tons of options when it comes to flowers for holiday. You will definitely find the one best suited to you.

Easter Day

During Easter flowers are widely exchanged and the altar is also decorated with a bunch of flowers. If you celebrate Easter you can go with a variety of flowers but a popular pick is White Easter lily along with spring blooms like Tulips, Crocus, Daffodils and Hyacinth. Sending flowers has never been this easy, just get flower delivery in La Verne with just a few clicks.

Mother's Day

A sweet holiday on which, interestingly, people buy flowers more than any other Holiday. Celebrated on the second Sunday of May which celebrates motherhood, their efforts, challenges and struggles. When it comes to Mother’s day you can go for the official flower which is pink carnation. Carnations are these beautiful flowers with petals in a circle intertwined with each other in a maze-like formation. You can also go with other summer blooms like Daisies, peonies and of course roses.

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Independence Day

Apart from the religious festivals we have got 4th of July celebrated as the Independence Day. You can send some interesting flowers to veterans, family members in the defense and pay your homage. The flowers for independence day usually have a color scheme of red, blue and white which is a representation of the American flag. You can go with Hydrangeas, Dianthus, White lilies or roses.

Thanksgiving Day

Just before Christmas on the fourth Thursday of November you would need a ton of flowers for decor and traditionally as table centerpieces. Since the Thanksgiving Dinner is the main attraction you can go all in with the table flower arrangements and get flower delivery on thanksgiving day. You can send someone these flowers. Make sure to add Sunflowers, Asiatic lilies, red and orange roses along with some wild flowers.

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Christmas Day

We cannot miss out on some really important festivities that definitely require flowers. Christmas is one of those, you can send flowers across with holiday flower delivery along with dinner invites and Christmas wishes. A bunch of fresh flowers made into a bouquet only for you and being hand delivered just in time to surprise you and make you feel closer and better. For Christmas you can go with either potted flowering plants or bouquets with Roses, Orchids, Poinsettia, Amaryllis and Anthurium.

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