Best Seasonal Flowers for Your Summer Wedding

Summer is the perfect time to tie the knot, with warm weather, longer days, and vibrant seasonal blooms. The right flowers can bring an airy, joyful vibe to your celebrations and décor. Here are some of the best summer wedding flowers that are now in season.

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Snapdragons produce towering spikes of brightly colored blossoms in summer. These drought-tolerant flowers come in a wide array of colors including red, orange, yellow, pink, and white. Snapdragons make a charming addition to bouquet arrangements and garden urns for their charming shape and long vase life.

Look for varieties that grow 2 to 3 feet tall for the best impact in your summer wedding flowers. Mix snapdragons with partners like Campanula and sweet peas for a colorful display.


Peonies are a top pick as summer flowers for weddings, with gorgeous large blooms in shades of white, pink, and red. Their lush petals bring an ethereal, romantic feel. The peak blooming season is June, just in time for most summer weddings.

Peonies make gorgeous wedding bouquet ideas, and they hold up well throughout the day. Their lush shape flatters stem-heavy designs. Along with your bridal bouquet, consider including peonies in your centerpieces and floral arch.

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Roses in shades of coral, salmon, and apricot really pop in the summer months. They give off a warm, tropical feel that is perfect for summer nuptials. Look for varieties specifically bred for summer blossoms.

Use summer-blooming flowers like apricot roses in your bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces. Keep in mind that some rose varieties require more TLC and won't last as long as hardier options.


Giant sunflowers bring cheer and happiness to any wedding, especially in the summertime. They grow abundantly through July and August, with blooms in yellow, orange, and burgundy, and are easily available at your local Monrovia florist.

Use sunflowers as a major theme element for your summer flowers for bouquets. Fill tall vases with tall sunflowers for an eye-catching centerpiece. Include smaller varieties in your bouquets for a splash of sunshine.


Hydrangeas bloom throughout summer. Use mophead hydrangeas for full, rounded blossoms in whites, blues, and pinks. Miniature hydrangeas produce abundant small flowers well-suited for nosegays or hair pieces. Hydrangeas hold up well after cutting and will last for days in arrangements.

Summer weddings offer a wealth of colorful, fragrant blooms you can use in your floral designs. Focus on local, seasonal choices that are readily available in July and August for a fresh, summery wedding aesthetic. They bring longevity, color, and happiness to your big day.

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