What flowers go with different occasions?

Petals of all colors, scents, shapes and kinds always seem to take our breath away. Flowers if you ask me are a must have, for they instantly add luster, joy and meaning to your gestures and occasions.

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If you choose to give flowers or create a flower arrangement for your event. Things to always keep in mind are the season, meaning, color scheme and shelf life of the flowers you pick. In an array of flowers it can be nerve wrecking to pick the right one suited to your occasion.

We at Fanny’s Flowers are here to give you just that, a perfect pick for your occasion in and around Temple City, CA.


Number one on our list is festivals. These special days are to celebrate our culture , religion and life. These festivals act as a reminder to us about things we might take for granted. And flowers have to accompany these festivals. You can pick any flower arrangement however there is a whole meaning to these flowers. The shade or the season must determine the bunch you are picking. Not just for gifting but while decorating you must pick the right one for some good vibes.

Our picks are-

  • Easter- Look for all flowers white as it symbolizes purity. A perfect bunch should have White Easter Lilies, Tulips which signify belief or you can always pick Yellow Daffodils along with some Baby breathes. This would signify hope and new life.
  • Pentecost-Theme for Pentecost is Red. Roses are an easy find, you could also go for a traditional set of Geraniums or Sunpatiens.
  • Christmas- You can never go wrong with Poinsettia which symbolizes goodness and Christmas rose which represent tranquility.

Memorable Events

We all love to celebrate, a time where we can feel appreciated, loved and taken care of. These notable events come all year round and really connect us with ourselves and our roots. To add sparkle and bring smiles to people’s faces you can always pick flowers. They are easy to find yet deliver a great impact. Best events to give flowers would be-

  • Women's day- Mimosa, this bright yellow flower represents the light of the sun. The tradition of offering Mimosa goes back hundred years to great women in Italy.
  • Father’s day- This Fathers don't forget to appreciate your father figures with colorful lilies.. You can also pick up a few sunflowers to really bring light to their life.
  • Veterans day- A red poppy flower is a symbol of lives lost in war and of self sacrifice.


Mark those special days to commemorate completing years of marriage, corporate achievements, laying of foundations and also death. Some great picks would be -

  • Marriage anniversary- Roses are our go to you can also pick Peonies which represent prosperity and good luck.
  • Corporate anniversaries- Pick Orchids as they represent growth and purity of mind.


Who doesn't enjoy a great Birthday, make it even better with some pop of color in the flowers you pick, go for oranges and yellow shades with Marigold and Sunflower. For a subtle bunch you can go for Tulips which signify love.

No matter what occasion it is, find all kinds of unique and sweet flowers from your own Temple florist. Begin your flower journey and surely you would be left amazed.