Popular Funeral Flowers And Their Color-Wise Meaning

Flowers for funeral services have been a part of tradition, cultures and religions across the globe. Since there are so many different kinds of flowers in the market it can get a little tricky what flowers are the most appropriate for an occasion where you have to express your deep condolences. There are flowers that have long been part of funeral services as sympathy and funeral flowers.

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Here is a list of popular funeral flowers- 


A flower that has been widely used when it comes to popular flowers used for funerals, Lillies are a blend of traditional flowers with a soothing color palette. You can always go with white lilies and add closed-up Lily buds for a hint of green. With every color the meaning tends to change and lilies come in various colors and when it comes to flowers for funeral service then white, purple, pink and even red have been seen making an appearance. With Arcadia flower shop you will find this meaningful flower pretty easily. 

White Lily- This color symbolizes the innocence of the soul, purity and majesty. 

Purple Lily- This one represents resurrection, innocence, prosperity and majesty as well. 

Pink Lily- This color stands for the final journey of the soul, and a journey towards peace. 

Red Lily- Also symbolizes departure from this world and has a special value in Buddhism. 


One of the best flowers for funerals has to be an Orchid. These are tall, delicate looking, classy and also subtle. No matter their color Orchids because of their elongated structure look fascinating and have a silent charm. Orchids come in various colors and types, you can go with Dendrobium, Mokara and Cattleya. Each of these has a different color with slight variations in shape and form. And you can also get Orchid plants from Florist in Temple City. Coming to the funeral flower colors' meanings, each color represents something different. 

White Orchids- Orchids in white symbolize the purity of the soul after death and its innocence. 

Pink Orchids- This color is a representation of everlasting love toward the deceased. 

Green Orchids- A symbol of nature and blessings. 

Yellow Orchids- This symbolizes the everlasting love of the deceased and provides strength to the family members as well. 

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 Another flower that has wide color options, Hydrangeas are fluffy with clusters of flowers. When it comes to flowers for funeral service these can be considered a rather modern pick. These come in pastel shades and a deep symbolism as well, since they come in various shades you can go with white and blue. 

White Hydrangeas - It is considered to be the symbol of passing away and also rebirth. 

Blue Hydrangeas - This symbolizes sympathy in general. 


A flower that has been most commonly used for almost all occasions, Roses with funeral home delivery are sought after even more. Roses have a quintessential shape, and smooth petals come in bright and opaque shades, Roses in color white and red are most suited for such occasions. 

Red Roses- A sign of mourning and grief, red roses are associated with the death of Jesus Christ as well. 

White Roses- From honor, peace, and mourning white roses also symbolize innocence. 

With each flower and its detailed color-wise meaning you can pick any flower. You can create sympathy flower bouquets with just one kind of flower or get a good mix of two or more flowers. You can also place these flowers in vases and other decorative vessels.  Fanny's Flowers can help you when it comes to choosing a funeral arrangement in Temple City. You can choose from a variety of flowers in every color and we will take great care to create something meaningful in tribute to your loved one.