What Makes Roses So Popular for Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is synonymous with red roses. Every February 14th, millions of people give bouquets of roses to their loved ones. But why are roses the quintessential Valentine's Day flower?

  • Valentine's Day Roses

There are a few key reasons why this romantic bloom reigns supreme and why you should opt for a rose when considering a Valentine's Day flower delivery for your sweetheart!

Beauty and Symbolism

Roses have an undeniable beauty and elegance that is unmatched by other flowers. Their lush, full petals and gentle curves capture hearts. Over centuries of human history, red roses for Valentine's Day have also cultivated rich symbolism related to passion, desire, romance, and intimacy. No other bloom conveys loving sentiments quite like the classic rose. That symbolic meaning and aesthetic beauty make them perfectly suited for conveying romance on the most affectionate holiday of the year.


Another practical reason is simply availability. Roses are one of the most commonly grown flowers worldwide. Thousands of beautiful roses are available to craft Valentine's Day flower arrangements at best Temple City florist. Supply easily meets peak demand during February. If a lesser-grown exotic flower was suddenly in high demand for the holiday, it would be much harder to source enough blooms. The accessibility of roses helps them dominate real and gift bouquets.


Though the classic red rose steals the show, roses come in diverse sizes, colors, and varieties to suit any taste or floral theme. There are over 150 species and thousands of hybrids. Yellow roses convey friendship; white roses signal new beginnings; and pink roses characterize gratitude and appreciation. For Valentine’s Day, deep burgundy roses also prove quite popular beyond the red classic. No matter your recipient’s favorite hue, roses offer variety at your local Alhambra Flower Shop to match.

Gift Suitability

The beauty, fragrance, and lush petals of roses make them ideal gift flowers. They convey luxury and extravagance for a special occasion like Valentine's Day. Roses arranged in elegant vases or boxes elevate floral gifts. Options like preserved and long-lasting roses allow enjoyment up to a full year. This gift-giving suitability and ability to impress recipients contribute to the allure of Valentine's Day roses.

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Roses exude an undeniable sweet, floral scent that evokes a sense of beauty and romance. The aromatic compounds geraniol and linalool are sometimes isolated for perfumes. You simply cannot fully appreciate a rose without inhaling its lovely fragrance. That scent is part of the sensory experience that helps roses convey affection and passion on Valentine's Day, unlike any other flower.

Classic Pop Culture Status

We cannot discuss why roses dominate Valentine's Day without mentioning their prevalence in literature, films, songs, and art celebrating romantic love. Countless leading ladies and lotharios have declared love amid roses. From centuries-old Shakespearian sonnets to contemporary Taylor Swift hits the rose remains the metaphorical and literal symbol of love's full bloom. That classic pop culture status solidifies red roses as the embodiment of romance year after year for yet another generation.

So when you delight your sweetheart this February 14th with a bouquet of crimson roses, you'll be partaking in a rich cultural and botanical tradition that chooses this regal flower as its classic symbol for the holiday.

Local florists like Fanny’s Flowers have gorgeous freshly cut rose arrangements and gift baskets that span classic to contemporary styles to impress your Valentine. Stop by our San Dimas Flower Shop to find picture-perfect blooms that express your affection while also conveying just why roses rule Valentine’s Day yet again.