Learn about the meaning of birth month flowers

Birth month flowers are special and also very interesting. They simplify the job of looking for the perfect flower bunch for someone’s birthday. It's just easier to go by the birth month flower, isn't it?

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You would surely love to know about the flowers for your birth month. Interestingly there are birth flowers for each month some have one and others have two. These flowers can be easily spotted at your local florist.

List of birth month flowers and their symbolism

  1. January jazz- This month is all about carnations and snowdrop, both flowers are amazingly lovely and have distinct shape and appeal. Carnations symbolize motherly love, admiration and joy. Snowdrop is a white bud flower that symbolizes sympathy, innocence and consolation.
  2. February fab- For this fabulous month you need to pick out violet or pansy and iris. Both these flowers work great as fillers since they are small in size. These flowers symbolize love and innocence and chastity.
  3. March magic- To create magic with your choice of birthday flowers you need to pick out daffodils and Jonquils. Daffodils come in colors white and yellow and have a unique shape and a star shaped center. Daffodils symbolize rebirth and new beginnings.
  4. April Aesthetic- To have your aesthetic sorted for the birthdays coming this April you would need flowers like daisy and sweet peas. Daisies symbolize true love, innocence and being pure. Sweet peas come with a sweet scent and represent pleasure, good wishes and kindness.
  5. May Muse- For an inspiring May celebration you gotta get your hands on birth flowers lily of valley and Hawthorn. Both look just beautiful and amazing and symbolize absolute chastity, youth and sincerity.
  6. June joy- This is when summer takes over the spring feels for this month the designated flowers are the classic rose and honeysuckle. Roses are known to stand for love, beauty, joy and more. Honeysuckle symbolizes absolute joy. You can get these from any flower shop South Pasadena.
  7. July jamboree- For birthday parties in this month you need to get delphinium and water lily. Both are extremely different from each other yet breathtakingly beautiful. Water lilies symbolize pleasure, hope and celebration whereas delphinium symbolizes good wishes.
  8. August affair- For this month of august you need two flowers, poppy and gladiolus. Poppies are delicate flowers with a bright orange color and also white these symbolize sacrifice and remembrance. Gladiolus symbolizes strength and integrity.
  9. September saga- For people who have birthdays in September their flowers are Aster and Morning glory. Asters come from the family of daisies, and have purple color; these symbolize faith, wisdom and valor. Morning glory represents hopes and dreams.
  10. October opulence- To have a luxury celebration you would require marigold and cosmos. Marigold symbolizes power, and cosmos symbolizes harmony.
  11. November newness- For this month you would need Chrysanthemums, these flowers symbolizes joy, positivity and faith.
  12. December drama- For the December season of winter you would need Holly and narcissus. Holy is the symbolism of the eternal cycle of life. Narcissus also known as daffodils symbolizes new beginnings and re-birth.

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