Brighten up your Home with Colorful Spring Flowers

It’s finally time to bid adieu to the chilly winter season and welcome the warm season of spring. In fact, nature has already started showing signs of spring in the form of early spring flowers.

  • Spring Flowers

You too shouldn’t lag behind and start celebrating the upcoming spring season by ordering in some of the freshest and most gorgeous spring flowers from one of the best San Gabriel florists.

Here are some of the most stunning, fragrant, and colorful spring blooms to brighten your home.


When we think of bringing home colorful spring flowers, tulips are the ones that immediately enter our thoughts. These blossoms are basically the harbingers of spring because they start blooming in late winter and early spring. Tulips come in various colors, and each of those colors has some special significance. The yellow tulips symbolize cheerfulness, the white ones symbolize forgiveness, and the pink ones are representative of confidence and happiness. Also, there are red tulips that symbolize true love.


Want to bring home something that reminds you of a rainbow? Then Iris is the best choice for you. Because this blossom is available in almost every color of the rainbow, like red, yellow, purple, orange, etc. In fact, in the Greek language, the word "iris" translates to message and rainbow. And if you go a step further and try to find its association with Greek mythology, then you will find that this blossom is named after the goddess Iris. This goddess used to deliver messages from earth to heaven and vice versa, using the rainbow as her mode of transportation. Apart from all these, the iris is an appropriate choice for home décor because this flower, when brought into a household, brings with it positivity, wisdom, courage, and hope.


These blossoms are the fanciest of all the spring blossoms that start appearing a little later in the spring season. These flowers have various interesting beliefs surrounding them. One of these beliefs is that several small supernatural beings, like fairies, take shelter in the petals of these flowers, and when there’s a threat of rain, they close the petals. However, in the present day, this flower symbolizes protection against ill and evil wishes, the arrival of the first spring winds, excitement and anticipation for something in the future, and forgotten or forsaken affection and love. So if you want to fill your home with a mystical and magical aura, you should hurry and visit one of your favorite Monrovia florist and bring anemones into your household.


If you want to celebrate the season of spring and the new beginnings in your life, then you should get some daffodils. In fact, bringing this blossom into the household is like bringing in good luck. This is so because daffodils are symbols of optimism, zeal, purity, prosperity, good health, and new beginnings. You can even get this blossom in various colors, like yellow, white, pink, orange, and other shades of pastel color.
Now that you have some idea about different types of spring flowers and their meanings, go ahead and get some of these spring flowers delivered from Fanny's Flowers and welcome spring and new beginnings with a happy and optimistic heart.