5 Unique Ways to Add a Floral Touch to Your Christmas Festivities

Flowers are an inseparable part of our celebrations. Christmas cheers and party planning are incomplete without flowers.

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Here are 5 ways to add a floral touch to your Christmas festivities.

1. Christmas Floral Centerpiece

    Centerpieces are must-have items for a number of festivals in our culture, especially the ones that involve dinner, for example, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Whether it’s the Christmas Eve, Christmas Evening, or even the New Year’s Eve, if you’re having a dinner with family and friends, having a gorgeous and elaborate floral centerpiece in your table is non-negotiable. Along with fresh flowers like rose, chrysanthemum, poinsettia, and greens like fir, juniper, pine cones, etc. we also add beautiful and sparkly ornaments to the centerpieces to make them stand out. They come complete with tall candles in red, white, gold, or other favorite colors of yours.

    2. Floral Baubles

      Floral baubles are a popular addition to your Christmas flowers when it comes to decorating your home with them. These hanging arrangements are pretty versatile. You can decorate your Christmas tree with these cute little hanging flower arrangements instead of adding plastic ornaments. You can also create floral chandeliers from them and hang it in the middle of the room. Besides, making a string of floral baubles and attaching it around your Christmas tree area, or just around the room is another idea to play with them.

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      3. Wreaths

        Wreaths for Christmas are mainly made with greens like pine, cedar, eucalyptus, ivy, mistletoe, boxwood, and magnolia leaves. Pine cones, decorative ribbons, and flowers like rose, daisy, or chrysanthemum are also added to the wreaths for increasing their visual appeal. These wreaths are hung in the front door of your house, or on a wall. For Christmas flowers delivery in Temple City, get in touch with us and explore our floral collection from our website.

        4. Floral Gift Bouquets

          Christmas is incomplete without exchanging gifts. Floral gift bouquets or floral baskets meant for gifting also takes an important place in our floral planning for the Christmas day. As one of the most popular Temple City florist in the area, we have a huge collection of gift flowers in all shapes, sizes, and budgets so that you can pick the best one as per your requirements.

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          5. Floral Selfie Booth

            This is a unique idea to play with flowers, and if you have a number of youngsters in your family or friends circle, this is going to be an instant hit. For the Christmas party, create a floral selfie booth for your guests. You can easily create a booth or a tent with a few bed sheets if nothing else is available. Then, decorate the booth with string lights, cute and tiny Christmas related items like small Santa figurines, candy canes, Christmas trees, and of course, fresh flowers. You can also hang branches of mistletoes from above to convert it into a kissing booth!